Sunday, February 07, 2010

Houston sunshine bikeride

Haven't written in a while, but the last week has brought about great change - I am headed back to Connecticut to finish my integration semester there. I had some beautiful births here at the birth center and learned, invaluably, how beautiful natural birth is. But, the birth center here was not a good fit for me and my learning needs.

Here I am again packing everything back into my car to set out on the journey back to Connecticut. I'm glad that the snowstorm/blizzard of the NE is this weekend - hopefully it will be under control by the end of the week when I arrive in DC...

As for my last days here in Houston, I am enjoying them immensely (and particularly enjoying turning my phone ringer off at night - didn't turn it off once in the previous 4 weeks!). Yesterday, we were blessed with a gorgeous sunny (warmish) day. So, mom and I spent as much time as possible outside. There is a new bike trail going from the Heights to Downtown Houston, so we used the gorgeous day to take a ride. Here are a few pictures:

Downtown Houston skyline is in the background
and the bridge is over 
a Bayou (Houston is
Bayou City)

The sky was perfectly blue - not a cloud in sight and the weather was warm enough to don a tee-shirt for the ride. Perfect way to end my time at home. Spring in February makes me so happy!

After the bikeride, I headed off to a baby shower for one of the babies I caughtThursday night (two baby boys that night). He was born early, so got to be present for the shower. His mom was a young Salvadorian girl - sweet as can be. I was flattered and honored to go to the baby shower - and felt so "official" when I was introduced as "the midwife who delivered the baby". Wow, that's me! What an amazing feeling!

with mom and baby (#15 for me) at the shower
(her face has been blocked to protect patient privacy)

I guess after such a great day in Houston, I'm able to head back north into the blizzard....

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Zhena said...

so sorry things didn't work out at the birth center in houston but hope things are better for you in CT. I am so impressed with everything you are doing and in awe of how you manage the long hours you do!!! It must be very rewarding to know you are helping bring precious babies into this world. I hope everything goes well!!! Love you!